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{*} Krishna Janmashtami Quotes, Wishes in Hindi, English

Krishna Janmashtami quotes / Krishna Janmashtami wishes: Get latest most inspiring Janmashtami quotes and Janmashtami wishes in Hindi & English. Krishna Janmashtami is also known with different names like Gokulashtami, Sri Krishna Jayanti, Saatam Aatham, Janmashtami, Krishnashtami, Sree Jayanthi. Krishna Janmashtami is the birth celebration of lord Shree Krishna who is the eighth avatar of Vishnu. Here you can get great collection of Happy Janmashtami quotes, Happy Janmashtami wishes 2016.

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Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami Quotes, Wishes in Hindi, English 2016

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Quotes, Wishes in Hindi, English

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Quotes, Wishes in Hindi, English

Happy Shri / Shree Krishna Janmashtami Quotes in English

Krishna Janmashtami Festival is celebrated on the eighth day which is named as Ashtami of dark fortnight i.e Krishna paksha in the month of Bhadrapad which falls on August-September of Hindu calendar. Ashtami means eight. Rasa Lila, also known as Raas Leela. Rasa dance is a part of Krishna story. Rasa Lila is a special attraction for Mathura and Vrindavan regions and also regions which follow Vaishnavism in Manipur.

Janmashtami Quotes 

  • May Krishna shows you the way in your life as He showed the way to Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata. – Janmashtami quotes
    Have A Blessed Krishna Janmashtami!
  • It is very obvious that there will be victory of truth always,
    So always try to do the things told by
    Krishna and behave like a lord Rama

Janmashtami Quotes in English

  • May lord Krishna show you the way in your life as He showed the way to Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata at Kurukshetra.
    Happy Janmashtami!
  • If things are happening according to your wish
    you are lucky but if not IT’S HAPPENING ACCORDING TO KRISHNA”S WISH
    HARE KRISHNA – Janmashtami quotes in English
    Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2016!
  • “May Lord Krishna come to your house & take away all your Makhan- Mishri with all your worries & sorrow”.
  • If you don’t fight for what you want;
    Don’t cry for what you lost.
    ~The Bhagavad Gita

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Happy Janmashtami Quotes

Here are the best Happy Janmashtami quotes, a great way to wish your friends and family on this beautiful festival day.

  • “Happy Janmashtami, May Lord Krishna showers all his blessings on you. May you get lots of happiness in life”.
  • “May you find all the delights of life? May your all dreams come true? My best wishes will always be with you”.
  • “I wish you Happy Janmashtami and I pray to God for your prosperous life”.

Krishna Janmashtami Quotes in English

May Lord Krishna, also known as:
Ajaya – The Conqueror of Life and Death
Bihari – The Travelling Lord
Hari – The Lord Of Nature
Jagannatha – Master Of The Universe
Madana – The Lord Of Love
Narayana – The Refuge Of Everyone
Purshottama – The Supreme Soul
Sanatana – The Eternal Lord
Shyam – Dark-Complexioned Lord
Vishwatma – Soul Of The Universe
Yogi – The Supreme Master
Bless you at all times! – Krishna Janmashtami quotes in English

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Happy Janmashtami quotes in English

  • I wish to all of you a very happy krishna janmashtami in which i pray that lord krishna came to your home and celebrate with you a very happy and prosperous life. May you love your life and step a head for your bright future.
    This is the special day when the family and friends come togethers,
    for some wishes, for some laughter, for some prayers,
    for some discussion and for some enjoyment with each other.
    A very happy and prosperous wishing to you for your coming future. Happy Janmashtami quotes in English

Happy Krishna Janmashtami quotes in Hindi

Happy Krishna Janmashtami quotes

Happy Krishna Janmashtami quotes

Here are some of the Janmashtami quotes in Hindi, Happy Janmashtami quotes in Hindi, Happy Krishna Janmashtami quotes in Hindi

नन्द के घर आनंद भयो , हाथी घोड़ा पालकी, जय कन्हैया लाल की! शुभ जन्मआष्ट्मी!

होता है प्यार क्या ??? दुनिया को जिसने बताया …. दिल के रिश्तों को जिसने प्रेम से सजाया … आज उन श्री कृष्ण का जन्मदिन है 🙂 🙂 हैप्पी बर्थडे कृष्ण जी 🙂 🙂

श्री कृष्ण गोविन्द हरे मुरारी , हे नाथ नारायण वासुदेवा , एक मात स्वामी सखा हमारे , हे नाथ नारायण वासुदेवा.. जय श्री कृष्ण

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yashoda ke KRISHNA ke,
Radha ke SHYAM ke,
Gwalon ke KANHA ke,
Gopion ke MAKHAN CHOR ke,
Janamdin ki hardik shubh kamnayen – Krishnashtami Quotes

मुरली मनोहर कृष्ण कन्हैया जमुना के तट पे विराजे हैं,
मोर मुकुट पर कानों में कुण्डल कर में मुरलिया साजे है

Mor mukut makar aakriti kundal Aur bajanti mala
Baso more nainan me nandlala

Dont miss Janmashtami Shayari

Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami Wishes

While Rasa Lila showcases the flirtatious behavior of Lord Krishna’s naughty youthful days, the Dahi Handi celebrates Krishna’s mischievous and playful behavior, where teams of youth climb on each other to reach a pot of curd which is hung high above the ground with a rope. They have to break that pot of curd. This tradition is named as uriadi and is a major event celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu on the occasion Of Gokulashtami. Krishna Janmashtami is followed by Nandotsav festival which was celebrated when Baba Nanda gave gifts to the community on his birthday. Here are beautiful wishes – the Happy Krishna Janmashtami wishes, Janmashtami wishes

Janmashtami Wishes

  • May Lord Krishna steal all your tensions and worries on this Janmashtami and give you all the love, peace and happiness.
    Happy Janmashtmi!
    Jay Shree Krishna
  • May Natkhat Nandlal always make your life
    colorful with lively pranks that keep you on
    your toes and instills and evokes child-like
    traits in you, at all times.
    Happy Janmashtami Wishes!!!

Happy Janmashtami Wishes

  • I wish all Lord Krishna devotees a very Happy Janmashtami. This is a festival of fun and frolic which also teaches us that we should believe in god and should always fight against the wrong. I wish you all the blessings of the almighty to bring joy, prosperity and happiness in your life.
  • May Lord Krishna drizzle the entire
    benediction on you and your family
    on the festival of Janmashtami!!!
  • Love is a consistent passion to give not a meek persistent hope to receive. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!
  • May Lord Krishna Showers All His Blessing On You.
    May you get a lot of happiness in life…
    Happy Janmashtami!
    Jay Shri Krishna… Here are Happy Janmashtami wishes for you.

 Janmashtami Wishes in English

Janmashtami wishes

Janmashtami wishes

English language is understood by youth all over the country. Hence we have Janmashtami Wishes in English.

  • May Lord Krishna’s flute invite the melody of love into your life. May Radha’s love teach not only how to love but to love eternally. Happy Krishna Janmashtami!
  • Lord Krishna said:
    Whatever belongs to you today,
    belonged to someone else yesterday
    and it will belong to some one else tomorrow.
    Don’t be illusioned by maya.
    Maya is the root cause of all pain and misery.
    Happy Janmashtami…! 
  • May Lord Krishna drizzle the entire
    benediction on you and your family
    on the festival of Janmashtami!!! 
  • For this, is a special time when family
    And friends get together,for fun.
    Wishing laughter and fun to cheer your days,
    In this festive season of Janmashtami and always.Happy Krishna Janmashtami!!!
  • May Krishna shows you the way in your life as He showed the way to Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata.
    Have A Blessed Krishna Janmashtami 2016!
  • For this, is a special time when family
    And friends get together,for fun.
    Wishing laughter and fun to cheer your days,
    In this festive season of Janmashtami and always.
    Happy Krishna Janmashtami!!!
  • I am praying for you and I know he is listening
    May Makhanchor bring ananda and prosperity to your home
    Wish you a Blessed Janmathtami

Happy Krishna Janmashtami Wishes in Hindi

In a silimar manner, Hindi is easily spoken and understand by all over Indian. To be easily understood we are providing with  Janmashtami Wishes in Hindi. Dont forget to share these Happy  Janmashtami Wishes in Hindi with your family members and get the blessings oF Lord shri krishna on this krishnashtami festival.

  • कृष्णा जिनका नाम, गोकुल जिनका धाम, ऐसे श्री कृष्णा भगवन को, हम सबका प्रणाम
  • Gokul me jo kare niwas,
    Gopiyo sang jo rachaye raas,
    Devki-Yashoda jinki maiya,
    aise hamare kishan kanhaiya.
    May Krishna fulfill all your wishes.
    Happy Janamasthami!
  • Aao milkar sajayein Nandlal ko,
    Aao milkar karein gungaan unka,
    Jo sabko raah dikhaate hai aur
    Sabki bigadi banate hain,
    Chalo dhoom dhaam se manaayein janmadin unka…
    Janmashtami ki Subhkamnaayein.
  • Logo ki raksha karne
    Ek ungali par pahaad uthaya
    Ussi kanhaiyya ki yaad dilaane
    Janmashtami ka paavan din aaya
  • पलकें झुकें , और नमन हो जाए…….!!
    मस्तक झुके, और वंदन हो जाए……!!
    ऐसी नज़र, कंहाँ से लाऊँ, मेरे कन्हैया
    कि आपको याद करूँ और आपके दर्शन हो जाए..!!
    कृष्णा जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये – Krishnashtami wishes
  • Ek Radha Ek Meera, Dono ne shyam ko chaaha, ab shyaam pe hai sara bhaar, kis ki preet kare sweekar.
  • माखन का कटोरा मिश्री का थाल, मिटटी की खुशबु बारिश की फुहार, राधा की उम्मीदें कन्हैया का प्यार, मुबारक हो जन्माष्टमी का त्यौहार!
  • Nand ka dulara, Devki ka pyara
    Yashoda ki aankh ka tara
    Jai ho teri Gokul ke gwala
    Peeda haro hum sabki
    Yeh vinati hai hum sabki
    Ab to darsh dikhao bhagwan
    Jai ho jai natkhat Nand Lala
    Vrindavan ka yara
    Teri sada hi jai jai kara!
  • Radha ki chahat h krishna, Uske dil ki virasat h krishna, Chahe kitna v ras racha le krishna, Duniya to phir v yhi kehti h. “RADHE KRISHNA”

Happy Janmashtami Quotes Wishes

Happy Janmashtami Quotes Wishes

Happy Janmashtami Quotes Wishes

Janmashtami which is the biggest festival in Indian society is also the most holy one. On this day, Ras – Lila is a dramatic play of lord krishna is held all over India. But the biggest and most sacred place for lord krishna is Mathura and Vrindavanam. Dahi-handi is another play of Lord Krishna which is also played on Janmashtami every year. In this large group of people prepare a human pyramid by climbing one on another, then they break earthen pot which is filled with curd or cream ( Makhan butter)

May Lord Krishna bring happiness in ur life and hatred away from ur life. Enjoy Janmashtami with heart full of love. Happy Janmashtami greetings.

Here is a special day to spend with your family and friends,
A fun day to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna,
Wishing you a cheerful day,
With the greetings of Janmashtami.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami

Wish you all a very happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami in advance. I request you all to please pray for me for my good health and to settle abroad for my post graduation and doing well in my education and for the society as a whole this Janmashtami. I will be grateful to you all. Thanks you sweethearts. Keep following our to get latest updates.

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